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Join us for a fun filled night. There will be cash prizes, raffles, 50/50 and more. Cash bar. Feel free to bring your favorite snacks. This is an ADULT ONLY event.

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*Back to School Orientation 

*Sadie Hawkins Dance

*Homecoming Dance

*Winter Paint and Sip

*Dress Down Days

*Easter Egg My Lawn

*Themed Basket Raffles

*Bingo Night

*Senior Awards Night 

*First Responders vs. Student Games

*Senior Scholarships 

*Yearbook Ad

*Playbill Ad

Senior Scholarships 

The Go Bucs PTO is privileged to present the current Senior graduating class with 5 scholarships. The Go Bucs PTO Scholarship is open to any graduating Senior.

Current Events

Stay in the know with events, fundraisers and meetings.

Why Become a Member?


Increased Parental Involvement

Go Bucs PTO encourages and facilitates parental involvement in school activities and the decision-making processes. When parents are engaged and take part in school affairs, it creates a positive and supportive environment for students. Increased parental involvement is linked to improved academic performance, better attendance rates, and reduced behavioral issues among students.

Enhanced Communication

Go Bucs PTO serves as a channel of communication between parents, teachers, administrators and the school community. We provide a platform for sharing information, discussing concerns and fostering open dialogue. Effective communication leads to better understanding, collaboration, and cooperation among all stakeholders, creating a more cohesive and informed school environment.